The Streaming Tip Jar

Hi all,

Following a number of conversations with people on social media and in person, I've added a 'Streaming Tip Jar' to my website. 

I've done it, not because I'm expecting people to give me money (really!), but to highlight the fact that streaming music does not support artists. 

Artists are being forced to give up music and find other work, in no small part because CD sales are down and streaming is the most popular way to listen to music. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with streaming... I do it, most people do it. It's convenient and the future - I don't doubt that. It's the system that is grossly unfair. Selling one album at a gig / in a shop / online will normally generate between £4 and £10 for an artist, depending on their situation with labels / distribution. In order to make that amount of money from streaming, an album would need literally thousands of plays. 

People will only realise that the system is broken when their favourite artists have been forced to find a new job because they can't afford to live. It is already happening. 

So, I'm not asking you to donate anything. The 'Streaming Tip Jar' is there to raise awareness that streaming is killing the music industry and needs to be talked about.

Sam x

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